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What to Expect

Having a home inspection is the best way to avoid unpleasant surprises after closing. I will assess your potential home for safety concerns, operational and structural deficiencies. The inspection will give you the details regarding the condition of the home and will reveal the need for replacement or repair of certain items.  My inspection is performed according to the Texas Real Estate Commission's Standards of Practice.


Here are examples of just a few areas that will be inspected:

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Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Type of system and energy source, operational deficiences,

  improper drainage, maintenance recommendations

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Roof Coverings 

Type of roof covering, water penetration,

flashing details, previous repairs


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Plumbing/Water Heater/Septic

Location of water meter, water pressure,

type of interior piping, drains, leaks, septic systems


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Attic and Structural Roof

Amount of insulation, ventilation and framing member deficiences, water penetrations, roof decking, attic access ladder

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Service panels, branch circuits, overcurrent protection devices, type of wiring,

lack of proper safety devices

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Type of foundation, deficiencies in components, grading around foundation


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